Will Carr’s First Visit to Bonn in May 2015

I enjoyed my first visit to Bonn enormously. It was great to make friends with Ben, son of my mum’s friend Birgit – so I got to go out with him and see the sorts of things young people in Bonn do at weekends. I liked the old areas of the town and the museums. I visited the Haribo shop, having liked Haribo since I was very small!! I also enjoyed going to the pubs.

It was interesting to see how drink is served at the table in long slim glasses. The visit to the police station was very interesting ,especially looking at the cells. I enjoyed the amazing brunch we had at Dreesen,thanks to our friends Birgit and Klaus who took us there.

I practised my German a lot in Bonn and I have continued developing my fluency for the next time I go. I watch films in German and even set my PS4 games to use German subtitles; I play a FIFA game in German – so I now know a lot of football terms too; I listen to German music and read books in German and chat to my Dad in German; I have really improved my vocabulary and accent since visiting Bonn and remain friends with Ben on Facebook; I was able to go to Noyes Fludde in October and was pleased to be able to talk in German to the participants from Bonn. I am looking forward to the Bonn-Oxford celebrations later this year!

I am hoping to go back to Bonn this summer. I am really glad to have got involved in this twinning visit to Bonn. It has made a big impact on me. Many thanks to everyone who helped to organise it.