An Oxford Tale from Helmut Kollig

Bonn Square was showing its age and so Oxford City Council decided to renew the square in style. The district of Bonn was invited to share the planning and we were asked to give support and help in its execution. So we helped with the installation of a new lighting system.

The square was given a wonderful finish with new flooring around the monument, modern lights and as a special feature several sculptures created by Diana Bell, a well-known artist from Oxford. It contained  seats and stacks of books in bronze, a beautiful installation in my opinion.

The day of the reopening was scheduled for May 22nd 2009, during the Bonn week taking place in Oxford, and a huge delegation from Bonn travelled to their twin town: Members of the Oxford Club in Bonn, many carnivalists of the Ehrengarde der Stadt Bonn, private citizens and friends of Oxford as well as councillors from the Bonn district and myself.

Many people from both cities joined the reopening ceremony and after some speeches a big celebration started with music, show dancing  and a barbecue given by the Ehrengarde – all dressed in their traditional uniforms.

It had been a wonderful sunny day and all visitors from Bonn and Oxford were happy and enjoyed this good old link between Oxford and Bonn.

A plaque with the names of that year’s Lord Mayor, Mary Clarkson, and me was  installed in the immediate vicinity of the square  and it commemorates this day and our link.

I`m really happy to know, that a small part of Bonn exists in Oxford, and that you can also find the Oxfordstraße in the centre of Bonn.

In this way I would like to greet all the friends and citizens of Oxford, your former District Mayor from Bonn, Helmut Kollig