Programme June 2022

Your Chance to take part in the 75th Anniversary Celebrations of the Oxford-Bonn Link!

We are looking for groups and individuals who would like to take part actively. I already have interest from dancers and, poets, artists and singers, groups of scouts and youth clubs etc. We have an official invitation form which will go out soon to all who are interested. Do get in touch with me if you would like to get involved. We will also need people who can home-host visitors and people who can help with planning and supporting events. Can you help?  Contact me on

Voirrey Carr  Co Chair Oxford-Bonn Link

2022 Highlights

On Sunday 12th June, the Oxford Philharmonic Orchestra will perform a Beethoven concert in the Sheldonian Theatre to coincide with the launch of our celebrations, so we are programming a full Bonn Week of events until Sunday 20th June.

Our Bonn friends will be visiting us – they will arrive either on the Wednesday or Thursday 15th/16th June and return home on Sunday 20 June, when the Oxford Bach Choir will be performing Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony – a rousing finish to a full Bonn Week in Oxford!  

Art and poetry will also contribute – details coming soon!

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